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Pest Control by Chemical Means

Accès Unik Extermination specializes in pest control using chemical means. We use innovative products to protect your home and business from infestations.

We know about pests

Drawing on 7 years of industry experience, Accès Unik Extermination specializes in pest control using environmentally friendly control methods. We have solutions for all common pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. Our goal is to protect, fortify and watch over your home to tackle current infestations and keep pests out of your home, all year long.

We use innovative pesticides rooted in science to protect homes and businesses!

We can tackle current infestations, and prevent future invaders

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We are available 24/7!

Meet our dynamic and reliable team

Combining efficiency and speed, at Accès Unik Extermination, our pest control technicians work to deliver pest control plans suited to your specific needs. We serve both residential and commercial clients, helping you get pests out of your premises and keeping them out year round. We also specialize in bat, squirrel, raccoon and bird removal services. We operate across Montreal, Drummondville and Quebec City.

We operate Quebec

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